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One disadvantage to buying online is that you cannot inspect the what you are buying in advance. Online retailer compensate for this by offering lower prices, clear descriptions, good options to return unsuitable products, online reviews etc… I buy a lot of things online because I live in a very rural area and this is the only option available to me for many items.

Buying a Marquee online is not like buying other things online. They are big, heavy, difficult to return, and quite a significant investment.

There are many Marquees for sale online, many of questionable quality. I did a lot of research before selection Dancover. I selected Dancover because they use PVC rather than PPE, the poles are galvanized and because this is the brand that most commercial Marquee rental companies choose for their higher specification offerings. However, I could not find any positive reviews online and this made me nervous.

I finally placed my order just a week before the first event we had planned. Dancover advised that delivery would take 3 - 5 days so I was cutting it close, but despite the fact that I live in a very rural area in the west of Ireland, the Marquee was delivered 3 days later - 7 boxes with a total weight of 175kgs!

The quality was very high - better than most Marquees I have seen and better than I expected. The material is thick and reassuringly durable and the Marque felt very robust (I did not get the ground bars). On one side panel a window was not sealed properly and on another an eyelet hole was not properly finished, but I consider these to be minor imperfections given the amount of work involved in making a tent of this size (4 x 10 meters). I contacted Dancover and they immediately agreed to send two replacement side panel - impressive customer service!

This review is for anyone who finds themselves in the position I was in a few weeks ago - anxious about buying a Marquee online. My experience with Dancover (both the Marquee itself and the service) has been very good so far. I would recommend them,
Kind regards,

Mike K., Ireland