Heaters create warmth and a pleasant feeling

Heaters are an indispensable part of outdoor life – whether you want to enjoy yourself on the patio, when you wish to heat a marquee or other kind of tent. Flextents.com has a wide assortment of heaters for both private customers as well as for a more professional usage. The common denominator for the various heaters is that they are high quality and very efficient in the field in which they belong.

Heaters cover many different heat sources

Heaters in this category cover both heaters, blowers and electric fans. These powerful heaters are perfect when you need to keep places warm without traditional heating – work tents and shelters, workshop, shop, garage, basement, at building and renovation or when you are going to host a party in a marquee. Please bear in mind that the heaters are easy to plug in and easy to operate.

Heaters help you create ambience and a nice feeling

Heaters are perfect when you are going to celebrate something in a marquee. Then you can provide a pleasant temperature inside the marquee, so your guests feel comfortable. Even when the weather outside is nice at the beginning of the party, it will often get cool during the evening or at night. Then it is a good idea to have a heater ready, so your guests do not go home because it has gotten too cold.

Heaters also include patios heaters

Heaters also include the smart and efficient patio heaters developed to create heat and a pleasant feeling on the patio or other areas outside where you want to enjoy outdoor life – even if it sometimes gets a little chilly, usually during the evening. Flextents.com has a large selection of different types of patio heaters, especially the energy efficient infrared patio heaters. Furthermore, Flextents.com has both freestanding patio heaters, heaters on a stand as well as specially developed heaters for mounting under parasols. No matter what you prefer, you will be secured many cosy hours with the right heater.

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