Camouflage tents and other camo equipment for outdoor activities

Camouflage tents, camo netting and tarpaulins with the well-known camouflage pattern for all sorts of activities are now a part of the extensive assortment. Use the camouflage products for everything from fishing and hunting to sports, fun and games in the wild. has introduced a range of high-quality products dedicated to an active lifestyle foremost in nature but also for many other purposes. Are you going hunting or on a photo shoot in the wild? A FleXtents® pop-up gazebo or a lightweight camping tent with a camouflage pattern will help you blend in with the surroundings and give you great possibilities to be present without being discovered.

Camouflage netting for hiding materials and personnel

Camouflage netting is an effective and flexible solution when you need to cover something from prying eyes – in connection with various activities in the wild. You can use the lightweight and durable camouflage netting for military activities, sports, games, and survival courses. offers different size camo netting and even a bulk roll with 78m of camouflage net – enough to cover, hide and secure a lot of materials and more. At the same time, the camo netting will work as a great prop for fairs and parties and other events where you want to create the right feeling of outdoor life and military ambience.

Camouflage tarpaulins for covert covering and storage

Camouflage tarpaulings work exactly like a normal tarpaulin and will cover and protect most things from the rain, dust and UV-radiation. Furthermore, these sturdy camouflage tarpaulins will make the stored goods difficult to detect or simply look a lot more fun than any ordinary green tarpaulin. Whether you choose a tent, netting or a tarpaulin, it is understood that these camouflage products are perfect for activities such as hunting, nature photography, games, sports, hiking, and other outdoor activities and of course, any military related activities.

Camouflage products will create the right ambience at fairs and other events

Camouflage products like FleXtents® pop up gazebos, camo netting and camouflage tarpaulins are also perfect for fairs and markets – indoor or outdoor – when you want to create positive attention for your company or product. Are you attending a trade fair? Then a high-quality camouflage FleXtents® gazebo will surely create positive attention, as everybody instantly will get the right connotations. The same goes for the camo netting and camouflage tarpaulins.