Tables & Chairs

Tables and chairs for the party and other events is the leading European supplier of marquees and a wide selection of party and event accessories. We offer one of the largest selections of folding tables, folding chairs, banquet tables, bar tables and benches in high quality at very competitive prices. Tables and chairs are indispensable accessories when you arrange a party or any other kind of event. At, we offer all the things you need when you are looking for classic folding chairs, modern stacking chairs or practical folding tables. We offer among much else round and rectangular tables in various sizes and chairs in different shapes and colours. When selecting our chairs for the shop, we focus on high comfort, design, durability and easy handling. We know that when you are comfortable during an event, you are more likely to enjoy yourself in the good company of friends and family.

Tables and chairs – the bare necessities for most events

Our folding chairs and stackable chairs are sturdy and durable but also easy to move, handle, and store. At, you can find a wide range of comfortable folding and stacking chairs. It is important to have comfortable chairs, as your guests are going to sit for many hours depending on which kind of event you have. At, you can find an abundance of sturdy and elegant folding and stacking chairs. Among many others, we would like to highlight our classic white folding chair with a nice and soft seat. This classic and iconic folding chair in rental quality is affordable, easy to set up, comfortable to sit on and easy to fold and store.

Stackable chairs and folding tables make everything a little easier

Our range of modern stacking chairs is amazing to look at and comfortable to sit on. Most of our stacking chairs are elegant, sturdy and can be used both inside and outside – this goes for our Italian designed chairs as well. The lightweight chairs are easy to stack and store when the guests have gone home. Our customers use the durable, lightweight and elegant stacking chairs for parties and other events but also as dining room chairs. You can also see the durable and elegant chairs at cafes and restaurants.
Folding tables will work perfectly inside a marquee when you are throwing a party outside in the garden. Folding tables are also easy to handle, put up, and they are stable during any event. It is easy to make our folding tables as beautiful as any other table. We offer a vast assortment of party articles such as stretch tablecloths, lighting, heaters, flooring, and much more.