A-boards for great offers and positive attention

A-boards or pavement signs are great for catching the attention of your potential customers. You can see A-boards in front of shops both in the street and inside malls and similar. By having a pavement sign or an A-board in front of your store or office, you will make people take notice of your business in an elegant and affordable way. One of the great advantages of the A-boards is that you can change the graphics and the message on a daily basis if you want. It is easy to change the posters inside the A-board due to the easy-to-use snap-frame. With a poster on both sides of the A-board, you can rest assured that everybody sees your offer or general message. The A-board is also perfect for directing customers to your store, café, restaurant or office if your location is a little away from the high street.

A-boards for attracting customers and more business

A-boards are given the name because they form an ‘A’ when setting up. The signs are easy to use as you can take them inside the shop at night and put it outside again in the morning. We offer modern lightweight A-boards in aluminium and the classic boards in black galvanised steel. Both types accommodate two posters measuring 70x100cm. The boards can also be called sandwich boards. Many restaurants and cafes use the A-board to show their menu – and maybe the special of the day. You may consider the boards as an empty canvas where you can write anything you like. Use a printed poster or write something yourself. No matter how you do it, you can be sure that your message, offer or general promotion will be seen when you put out an elegant A-board in the street.