Stacking chairs

Stacking chairs from in a professional quality

Stacking chairs are easy to stack and store and can be in place in no time for the next event – being a dinner party or professional event. We offer a wide range of high quality, elegant and durable stacking chairs made of strong, weatherproof materials so you can use them indoor and outdoor as you please. The stacking chairs are designed and manufactured for use at events and parties - and for everyday use at private homes and in cafes and hotels. As the chairs are stackable, they are easy to store, transport and will take up limited space when stored. Even though the chairs are of a lightweight material, they are surprisingly sturdy and comfortable. Having some of these lightweight and elegant stacking chairs from, you can always be sure to have enough chairs for your guests.

Stacking chairs in both classic and modern design

Our elegant stacking chairs are made of sturdy, lightweight materials and can be used for all kinds of events. The chairs are available in classic designs as well as modern designs so you can find chairs for all kinds of events. Due to the different designs and the great sitting comfort, the stacking chairs are perfect for parties, events, celebrations and more. The stacking chairs are available in many different colours, materials, and designs; please notice the elegant selection of Italian-designed chairs that will look amazing anywhere. Choose from conventional designs in subdued or neutral colours – or choose bright red chairs if the occasion calls for a more flamboyant style.

Elegant stacking chairs for use at cafes and private homes

Most of our various stacking chairs are designed and manufactured for professional use - in hotels, restaurants, and cafés. This is the reason why the chairs are so strong and durable. At the same time, the chairs are maintenance free so that you can enjoy these chairs for many years, and you only have to wipe them with a cloth with warm water and soap from time to time. Many private customers have discovered these elegant, professional, and lightweight, stackable chairs and they use them for parties as well as for everyday use in the dining room or on the patio.