Table lamps

Table lamps for cosy ambience at home and in the office

Table lamps from include the popular LED wax candles, which are made for creating the ultimate ambience anywhere you turn them on. The wax candles look exactly like the traditional candles and are even made of real wax on the outside. Inside the candles, you have batteries, so you can enjoy the mechanical flame without having to worry about fire hazards and damaging particles in the air. One of the many advantages by using LED wax candles is that you can place the candles anywhere – and you can leave them without supervision. You can even leave home without putting them out or turning them off. As table lamps, they may not light up a large area, but they create a wonderful look and ambience.

Table lamps in the shape of balls, cubes, and eggs

Our elegant LED table lamps in the shape of balls, cubes and eggs can make a great effect for everyday use and at any party. The various table lamps in the distinctive design are rechargeable and can be used without any cord at parties and other events. The lamps come with remote control and have multiple colours and functions, which will provide quite an effect anywhere. The special lamps can also be used outdoors and in a marquee and more. Together with our small but efficient Fairy Berries party lights and LED floralytes, you are sure to impress your guests at any event.

Table lamps and many other party supplies from is the leading expert and supplier of total party solutions in Europe. We offer a wide range of LED table lamps, LED Floralytes, light bases and many other party accessories. Our beautiful range of LED lighting covers many unique options for indoor and outdoor decorations. Use our wireless LED table lamps as a decoration on the dining table or place LED light bases under your flower vases as they provide a wonderful illuminated effect. Are you looking for something extraordinary? Try our romantic, softly blinking Fairy Berries. In short, our range of LED table lamps and more provide you with countless possibilities for elegant and creative decorations.