Table and chair trolleys

Table and Chair Trolleys make your job a little easier

Our sturdy table and chair trolleys are the perfect solutions when you need to handle a large number of our high-quality folding and banquet tables and chairs. Whether you need the many tables and chairs in connection with private events or professional events, the sturdy table and chair trolleys will make your job easier, faster and safer. With one of our trolleys, you can handle and store as many tables and chairs as you want in much less time. When you have the tables and the chairs on a sturdy trolley, it is so much easier to handle, move and store the many objects. You can have an extendable and foldable trolley, which can help you handle a large number of tables - and when the trolley is not in use, it will take up very limited space.

Table and chair trolleys as an easier and more practical solution

At, you can find a wide selection of folding tables and chairs for all kinds of events. You can use the sturdy tables and chairs for both private events and professional events. The practical tables will fold completely, or you can fold the legs of the table under the tabletop. Both kinds of tables will fit perfectly onto the trolleys, so it is easy for you to move and store the tables. When storing tables and chairs while on the trolley, you can store surprisingly many items in a small space. We also offer sturdy sack trucks and roll containers for other transport and storage solutions.

Table and chair trolleys make the handling efficient

The sturdy table and chair trolleys from are practical, extendable, foldable and have strong wheels, which are either firm or steerable. The trolley has a brake, so it is possible to secure the trolley while you load and unload the various tables and chairs. We recommend these trolleys for schools, function rooms, local halls, concert halls, clubs, and every other place where you accommodate a varying number of guests and have to move tables and chairs regularly.