Inflatable sofas

Inflatable sofas create an amazing lounge feeling

Inflatable sofas are the perfect choice when you want to create an elegant outdoor lounge area. Use the fun and classic sofas permanently at hotels and clubs – and when you arrange an event where you want an elegant and laid-back atmosphere. The inflatable sofas in heavy-duty PVC have a reinforced nylon bottom and are built to last. The inflatable sofas and armchairs in black or white are very comfortable to sit on. The soft sofas have a surprisingly good shape and thus a great sitting comfort. Rest assured that your guests or customers will stay seated for a long time while enjoying a drink or two in these fantastic sofas – or the elegant armchairs in the same well-known design.

Inflatable sofas in a fun, modern and yet classic design

The inflatable furniture includes sofas, armchairs, and an oval bench. The design for this furniture has been inspired by the classic and well-known design of the original Chesterfield furniture. Chesterfield is a classic furniture style, that is both sturdy and old-fashioned but still in style. Most people associate the heavy-set furniture with elegant homes, private clubs and libraries. This new and inflatable version of the classic design makes it possible for everybody to possess an elegant Chesterfield sofa or armchair, which is usually a very expensive piece of furniture. Because the sofas and armchairs are made of strong PVC, you can use this furniture indoor and outdoor - everywhere you want to create a special lounge atmosphere. Use the fun and elegant furniture at parties, events, hotels, clubs, or on the beach or patio. You can also use the inflatable sofas or armchairs just for fun on a daily basis in a meeting room or at home in the living room. The classic furniture in a new form adds elegance and humour to a room.

Inflatable sofas can make a difference indoor as well as outdoor

We deliver the inflatable sofas flat-packed and with an air pump enclosed. It is extremely easy to inflate the sofas and more. The bouncy sofas are flexible as you can deflate and bring the sofas and armchairs along with you when you want to go to new events. Bring the elegant furniture with you either inflated or deflated as you please. The inflatable sofas and armchairs are weatherproof so you can use them outside no matter the weather. Furthermore, the furniture is UV-resistant, so leave them outside all summer. Please note that we recommend that you secure the inflatable sofa with ground pegs and more in case of windy weather.