FleXtents Infill Joint Panels

Combine two or more gazebos with our infill joint panels

At Flextents.com, we offer a wide range of pop-up gazebos in many colours and sizes. Do you need more room than one single gazebo can offer, it is easy to combine two or more gazebos and create all the room you need for any event. You simply place the two gazebos side by side and mount the connector brackets onto the frame. Now the two structures are connected firmly. Next, you mount the rain gutter where the two gazebos meet to keep the water from coming down into the gazebo in case of rain. Finally, you zip on the infill joint panels, so the sidewalls of the gazebos are elegantly joined together.

Infill joint panels for the final touch

Infill joint panels for FleXtents® pop-up gazebos is the easy and elegant solution when you want to connect two pop-up gazebos. When connecting two or more gazebos, you will have a little space between the structures where the sidewalls do not come together. It leaves a little gap which most of our customers like to hide. The infill joint panels can do exactly that. The panels are easy to zip on the sidewalls of the gazebos. Because they close the gap, they provide shelter and privacy. Our infill joint panels are developed especially for our innovative FleXtents® pop-up gazebos.

Safety first when connecting two or more pop-up gazebos

When you connect two or more gazebos, we recommend that you use our connector brackets, as they will keep the structures in place. You also need rain gutters to avoid water running into the gazebo in case of rain. Finally, you must remember to secure the structure in case of windy weather. With a Safety Pack, you get storm pegs and storm straps to fasten the gazebos tightly to the ground or to form objects to avoid accidents.