Floodlight with PIR sensor and solar cell panel

Having a floodlight outside gives you a nice feeling of security and safety around your home. Knowing that a bright light will come on if there is movement is good to know. The light will often deter shady people from coming any closer, as they prefer to operate in the dark. You can also use the elegant and efficient security lights - with or without a solar cell panel - many other places like the shed, boathouse, warehouse, office and more. Use it anywhere you would like to have a powerful LED light turned on at every movement. The floodlight is 100% self-sufficient running on the power from the solar cell panel and with a backup of three batteries. The floodlight without the solar cell panel runs on the enclosed three batteries.

The LED floodlight is easy to mount and will make a big difference

Our floodlight or security light is made so you can mount it almost anywhere in just a few seconds - using screws or the enclosed bracket. Whether you prefer the floodlight only with batteries - or you like the one with solar call panel -, you do not need to get help from an electrician. You simply mount the floodlight and turn it on. When mounted, the built-in sensor is ready to register movements after dark and turn on the light. The bright light will be on for app. 10 seconds – and longer if the movement continues.

The police say that more people should install floodlights

A floodlight will help you find your way around the house, and at the same time, it may prevent burglary. The police often recommend house-owners to have security light outside the house. Use the powerful LED floodlight with a PIR motion sensor to light up driveways, carports, sheds, paths, patios and other areas where you do not want to have a permanent, power-demanding light. When the sensor register movements, the light will come on to help you see where you go - or scare away unwanted visitors. You can adjust the floodlight sideways as well as up and down to cover a certain area.