Queue management System

Queue management systems for controlling the flow of visitors

Queue management systems can help you control the flow of guests at most kinds of events. The elegant rope barriers and retractable barriers are easy to use and have a great effect on the overall handling of the event. You have seen these products at the airport, in hotels, restaurants, malls and other places visited by many people. The rope barriers and retractable barriers are perfect for controlling the flow of visitors and customers – at sports events, exhibitions and more – and also daily, e.g. at the checkout points in the supermarket. The queue management systems are an easy and clear way to guide customers and guests in a specific direction and will optimise the flow and make the visit a positive experience. The system makes it clear for visitors and others where to go at any given point. The queue management systems are iconic products, which everybody automatically will understand, and follow - customers, visitors, and everybody else alike.

Queue management systems are flexible, elegant, and easy to use

Queue management systems like, e.g. the elegant rope barriers are vital when you need to manage queues and flows of people. The systems are indispensable when you need to guide visitors, guests and customers in a certain direction. When guiding and managing a large number of people, the rope barriers can indicate waiting lines and borders in a clear and visual way. Furthermore, the queue barriers are easy to put up and move when needed. The posts and ropes are extremely flexible and can be used at any event. By guiding your visitors and guests with the queue management system from Flextents.com, you will also make many people feel safe, as the guideline is visible to everyone and most people will follow the directions indicated to avoid chaos.

Queue management systems can also work as room dividers

Queue management systems can also be used as room dividers. By using our elegant Café Set, you can divide your café, bar, or restaurant into smaller sections, which will create a more cosy ambience at your place. A Café Set comes with 2 barrier poles, 2 crossbars and a banner. Order an extension set with a single barrier pole and a banner, and you can extend your room divider. The room divider can also be used for managing a queue because the barrier poles are identical. The only small difference is the extra ring at the bottom of the pole where the banner is fastened.

Queue management systems in different colours and materials

Queue management systems are available in different materials and designs - in stainless steel with a silver or gold finish and an elegant knob - others in a more stringent design with a retractable strap. No matter which design you prefer, the queue management system looks great in most public areas in hotels, banks, restaurants, airports, malls, museums, cinemas, and theatres. Use the barriers with velvet rope or twisted rope for special events like award shows, parties, premieres or other events to create a special VIP-feeling. Combine the queue management systems with an iconic red carpet runner and the show will be perfect.