Patio heaters

Patio heaters can make a huge difference

Patio heaters are both efficient and easy to use, so they are the obvious choice when you want to optimise the time spent on your patio. has a wide range of effective patio heaters, which can be mounted on a wall, free standing or mounted underneath a parasol. The patio heaters from are electrical and are all infrared as this type of heaters are the most energy efficient on the market. The heaters create pleasant heat outside and make it possible to have a good time even when it otherwise may have been too chilly for you to relax and enjoy your patio or garden.

Patio heaters with energy efficient heat

Patio heaters come in many different kinds, but when it comes to electrical patio heaters though, it is all about infrared heaters today. The infrared patio heaters emit - as the name implies - a reddish light. The heat works by emitting infrared beams, and when these beams hit an object – a thing or a person – these will be warmed. It means that an infrared patio heater does not use energy heating the air around it, and again it means a better use of the energy used for producing heat.

Patio heaters can be use all over the garden

Patio heaters are normally mounted onto a wall somewhere on the patio, but you can have other models, which can be used all over the garden or anywhere else for that matter if you just have a socket to plug the heater into. have freestanding heaters and heaters mounted onto a stand or underneath a parasol. With these models, you are able to use the heaters all over your garden so you for example can enjoy the evening by the pool or on a terrace away from the house. With the elegant patio heater to be mounted under a parasol, you get three infrared lamps, which can be used separately. It gives you the freedom to use the patio heater when it is only chilly and when you need more heat to enjoy the evening outside. The elegant patio heaters can be used everywhere in the open - on the patio, at the pool, in the garden or farther away – wherever you would like to spread a little heat at a cosy night, a dinner, a barbecue party or some other gathering outside.

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