Fairy lights

Fairy lights for great ambience and an elegant look

Fairy lights from Flextents.com include a wide selection of rope lights and light chains available in different designs, lengths, and colours! You can have fairy light with small LED lights in bright white, warm white or multi-colour up to our classic light chains with large bulbs in bright white, frosted, or multi-coloured. In short, we have a wide selection of fairy lights for indoor and outdoor use, for summer parties in the garden and winter and Christmas inside. We also have the beautiful cotton ball fairy lights in many wonderful colours perfect for all kinds of events or just for everyday use. Finally, our rope lights are perfect for creating the well-known effect you know from holidays and parties, where you can wrap 25 or 50 metres of rope light around trees, poles, or just let it run around the room for great effect. Many of the fairy lights have several effects so you can enjoy running, pulsating, or blinking light.

Fairy lights with cotton balls or large frosted bulbs

Fairy lights are often associated with parties and other events, but most fairy lights will provide a great effect on an everyday basis. Imagine your home – especially during autumn and winter – with one or more elegant fairy lights to light up. Our elegant cotton ball fairy lights come in many different and mixed colours so you can have a fairy light to match your colours at home – white, black, pink, grey, red, orange and mixed-colours. The cotton balls fairy lights are easy to handle as they weigh very little so you can lay them on a table or hang them almost anywhere. They run on batteries, so you do not have to use an extension cord when you want to decorate and enjoy the wonderful light from the cotton ball fairy lights. Some of the other fairy lights offer large bulbs in clear, frosted or multi-coloured just as we know them from garden parties and other festive events.

Fairy light for Christmas

Fairy lights are available in many designs, colours and lengths. Some of our many different fairy lights are especially well suited for the Christmas Season – but in general, you can use all our fairy lights all through the year. When it is Christmas though, many of us like to decorate our homes and gardens to the full extent – and here Flextents.com comes in handy with a wide selection of elegant and beautiful fairy lights – for indoor and outdoor use. You can have fairy light in the shape of nets, which are perfect for decorating bushes and small trees – and various long fairy lights with bulbs to hang in your garden or inside the house with the option to buy extensions, so you have almost as many bulbs as you like.