FleXtents overhang

Overhang for FleXtents® gazebos for great functionality

An elegant overhang for your FleXtents® pop-up gazebo makes your gazebo perfect for fairs and markets. The simple yet effective overhang provides a large area in front of your FleXtents gazebo where you and your customers can have shade from the sun or shelter from the rain. The simple and elegant overhang is extremely easy to mount onto your gazebo using the two included fittings. By mounting an elegant overhang, you will have even more use of your practical gazebo. Are you attending fairs and markets outside? With an overhang, you can have room for even more guests and customers in your gazebo. If you present some of your goods on the counter, the overhang will provide shelter from the sun, so the goods do not have to be in direct sunlight.

Your FleXtents® overhang provides shelter and shade

Mounting an overhang onto your FleXtents® gazebo will give you shelter, shade, and just the right look for markets and fairs. Combine the overhang with a half sidewall and a folding counter, and you have an inviting stand for a market or similar event. Your FleXtents® gazebo will look inviting and authentic, and you can greet your customers in an elegant and convincing style. Please note that it is possible to mount an overhang on more than one side of the gazebo. The elegant overhangs are available in black or white. Do you need a unique FleXtents® pop-up gazebo for a fair or market, choose a FleXtents® with digital print? Flextents.com specialise in digital print for our FleXtents® pop-up gazebos and other products, so you can have your logo, name, pack shots, illustrations and even special offers printed on your cover. Be sure to have positive attention at the upcoming event. See more at Flextents.com or contact one of our Xperts on the phone, by e-mail or Chat.