Printed pop up gazebos

Printed pop-up gazebos for effective branding and promotion

Printed pop-up gazebos from are an elegant and effective way to promote your company at various events such as fairs, markets and similar. With a printed pop-up gazebo like a FleXtents® pop-up gazebo with digital print, you can be sure to create positive attention everywhere. Our FleXtents® is the result of many years of innovative product development, and you can have a flexible, lightweight and durable gazebo for all kinds of events at very affordable prices. We deliver most of our pop-up gazebos in sturdy transport bags – for the few gazebos without a transport bag, you can order the bags separately! The bags provide easy storing and transport. We offer to deliver a pop-up gazebo with digital print with your artwork. You simply send us the artwork – photos, text, illustrations – and we create a unique pop-up gazebo for you to use for effective promotion and branding.

Printed pop-up gazebos are a perfect 2-in-1 solution

With a printed pop-up gazebo, you have a flexible stand for events like fairs, markets, sports events, and more. You can also use the gazebo as a meeting point and storage for food and more at various events like concerts, sports events and more. Use the gazebo with or without the sidewalls depending on the occasion and be sure to have the other products you need for the event – tables, chairs, feather flags, carpet, lighting, gazebo banners, pop-up banners, and more. You can find everything right here at Having a gazebo with digital print, you can be sure that everybody will notice your logo and more. So apart from an elegant stand, you will have the perfect advertising pillar where you can show products, convey your message and in general present your company interestingly and professionally.