Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment for securing your marquee and other tents

Remember to order some kind of safety equipment when you are going to use a FleXtents pop-up gazebo or one of our many marquees. The safety equipment is also perfect for securing various types of storage tents like portable garages and more. Choose from a wide range of safety equipment like Safety Packs, weight discs, sandbags, ground bars, and more. The equipment is made for securing your pop-up gazebo and other lightweight structures - when you have a party or other kind of event as well as for storage. It is important to remember that all pop-up gazebos, marquees, and storage tents have large surfaces and are made of strong and lightweight materials. The wind can easily take hold of these tents and gazebos and move them around. The worst scenario is if the wind lifts or turns over a gazebo or marquee causing damaged and more. Even the large and very stable marquees can be moved or turned over if the wind is powerful enough. The marquees are stable and made of sturdy materials, but they can also be lifted and cause damage if they are not properly secured with straps and pegs. That is why we always recommend that you use safety equipment - no matter which kind of pop-up gazebo, marquee, or storage tent you are going to use. Even when it is only for a day or two!

Safety equipment from for safe events

Safety Packs with storm straps and ground pegs are an important part of our safety equipment. The storm straps and storm pegs can fasten and secure all our various pop-up gazebos, marquees, and more. You can also use the safety packs for storage tents, boat tents, and portable garages. A large pop-up gazebo or a marquee is the flexible and affordable solution when you need extra room for an event. Our pop-up gazebos and marquees can be used for private parties as well as professional events. A large and elegant gazebo or marquee shelters you from the rain, provide pleasant shade from the sun and you can even use the structures in cold weather - just place one or more heaters inside the tent depending on the size. No matter the event, always remember that safety plays an important part when it comes to gazebos and marquees. When you use our safety equipment with strong storm straps and ground pegs, you can make sure that your pop-up gazebo, marquee, or storage tent stays in place. For our wide range of FleXtents® pop-up gazebos, you can use the storm straps and ground pegs, but there are other options here. We offer weight discs and sandbags, which often can be a more flexible solution especially if the gazebo stands on a hard surface like flagstones or similar.

Safety packs to be on the safe side and avoid accidents

Never put up your FleXtents® pop-up gazebo or marquee during a storm or bad weather in general! The weather may look fine right now but always listen to the weather forecast to be sure. Even when they tell you, it is going to be fine, use some storm straps and other safety equipment to be on the safe side. Overall, by using our high-quality safety equipment, you can rest assured and sleep well at night - unless there is a storm rising. In short, to avoid unnecessary accidents, always make it a rule to secure your marquee, pop-up gazebo and storage tent! When you take a little time securing your pop-up gazebo and more with storm straps and ground pegs, nobody gets hurt! It is so much worth your while!