Infrared Patio heaters

Infrared patio heaters are energy efficient

Infrared patio heaters are both effective and easy to use, so they are the obvious choice when you want to make the most of your patio. have a wide range of effective infrared patio heaters to be mounted on a wall, free standing, mounted on a stand or attached beneath a parasol. The infrared patio heaters produce a pleasant and energy efficient heat on the patio and other places outside. The heat makes it possible to prolong the evening and the season because it is possible to stay outside at times where it otherwise would have been too chilly to enjoy sitting outside on the patio or in the garden in general. The infrared patio heaters can easily be used other places than on a patio – all it takes is that you can plug in the heater to a power supply.

Infrared patio heaters provide a pleasant warmth

Infrared patio heaters emit – as the name implies – a reddish light. It means that they apart from emitting heat also provide a bit of cosy light if it is dark on the patio. The infrared heat works by emitting infrared beams, and when these harmless rays hit an object – a thing or a person – these will be warmed. It means that an infrared patio heater does not use energy heating the air around it but only the objects, which the rays hit. That gives you a far better use of the energy, which the patio heater uses for producing heat.

Infrared patio heaters come in many shapes and sizes

Infrared patio heaters are available in a series of different models – for mounting on the house wall by the patio among others. It is easy to mount several patio heaters next to each other in order to cover a larger area. You can then choose to turn on or more on according to your needs. Another type of heater is the freestanding heater, which is perfect to place next to your dining area, or sit and relax. You can also have a freestanding stand on which you can mount or an infrared patio heater you can put anywhere you want – all it takes is a cable or a socket. Finally, you can have a patio heater with 3 infrared lamps to be mounted underneath a parasol. It will provide everyone sitting underneath the parasol with a nice warmth.

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