Red carpet runners

Red carpets make the party festive right from the start

Red carpets are renowned for significant events around the world, and we have all seen the famous stars walk on the red carpet at premieres, concerts, award shows and more. Only a few people have the opportunity to be a VIP and walk on the red carpet. has red carpets for your next party or event so you can make your guests feel just like the rich and the famous.  

Red carpet from will raise the spirits

A red carpet from will turn your upcoming party into a grand VIP-event with impressive invites and a world-class welcome on the red carpet. The red carpet will have an incredible impact on a garden path, in a driveway or in front of a beautifully decorated and well-lit marquee. Do you want to do something extra to your next party or event? Order a red carpet from to welcome your guests and make them feel very special indeed.  

Red carpet as a part of Total Party Solutions

Red carpets are nice, but they don´t make up a party all by themselves. That is why has created an exciting party-assortment that we have named Total Party Solutions. In the category Party, you can find numerous funny, beautiful and exciting items for your next party. We have a wide range of party articles such as marquees, gazebos, FleXtents, red carpets, flooring and lighting for indoor and outdoor, fairy lights, disco light and beautiful LED-lights with different colours and effects. You can also find some more basic products such as disposable tableware like plates, glass, cups, cutlery, tablecloths, napkins and beautiful and festive garlands and flags. Do you want to do even more?  You can also find showstoppers like popcorn machines, a popcorn cart, a slush ice machine or a colourful bouncing castle! Have fun!