LED furniture

LED furniture provides a great look and feel anywhere

LED furniture include modular sofas, tables, chairs, and a spectacular modular bar you can assemble exactly like you want it. The wide range of elegant and rechargeable furniture with a built-in light will create a wonderful ambience at hotels, bars, discotheques, and any other place for that matter. The elegant furniture with LED light will add something quite wonderful anywhere. The elegant and beautiful LED furniture are available in a strong, contemporary design with high functionality and multiple functions with many vivid colour effects. Flextents.com offer a wide range of LED furniture like modular sofas, lounge chairs, bar chairs, tables and a state of the art modular bar, which is bound to attract guests and others. The modular system allows you to construct the LED sofa and LED bar you want for the hotel, bar, club etc. Furthermore, you can have all sorts of accessories with built-in light to decorate and illuminate your bar, club, home or garden. The LED accessories will work perfectly together with the stylish LED furniture.

LED furniture for everybody looking for something special

The LED product range consists of many different LED products including lamps, planters with built-in light, flowerpots, spheres, cubes, and the modular furniture including a unique and stylish bar. Our private brand CosyLightStyle offers LED furniture and many other exclusive LED light products. You can create an almost magical glow at your restaurant, café, nightclub, or anywhere else you want to create a special atmosphere for guests and customers. The illuminated furniture also looks fantastic around a pool. Having one of our luminous and colourful bars will make your guests gather round. Our LED furniture comes with a remote control, with which you can control the multi-function and enjoy all the various colours. The LED furniture and most of the other products with built-in light are rechargeable and will run for 6-8 hours on one full charge. The LED furniture can be used without cord for easy use and convenience.

LED furniture gives you full effect at low cost

LED furniture and the other similar products with built-in light give you great impact, glow, and ambience anywhere – indoor and outdoor. With LED, you do not have to worry about your electrical bill while you enjoy the wonderful light from the furniture and more. LED does not use very much power compared to the effect you have. Furthermore, most of our LED-products are rechargeable, runs for many hours and are waterproof. You can enjoy the stylish furniture and more inside and outside anywhere, you like without having to use cords.