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At Dancover, we are always ready to help and handle your enquiry. We try to process all enquiries, questions and claims within 24 hours.

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In order for us to comply with this time limit, we need you to read our instructions carefully and send us all relevant information such as order number, item number, photo documentation etc. Please be aware that not receiving all relevant information will result in a drastic delay in the claim process time, in some cases up to 10 working days!

2 weeks’ time limit

Please notice you are obliged to check your order for possible faults and defects within 2 weeks after receiving them.

Dancover Customer Service

You are always welcome to contact Dancover Customer Service at +44(0)870 820 0008 or +44(0)20 8099 7570 with any queries or concerns regarding your claim. Please note that we are NOT able to process your claim over the phone!


We are not able to process your claim if you haven´t provided us with photos of the damaged part(s). If you for some reason are not able to upload the photos here press SEND THE CLAIM. You will then receive an email with a requisition number. Please return this mail and enclose your photos clearly showing the damage/claim.

Please notice! If we do not receive photos, we are unfortunately not able to process your claim!

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You find your 9-digit invoice number as well as customer number on the invoice you have received on the stated e-mail address.