Lighting creates the right party feeling  
Lighting can create a lovely atmosphere and a unique ambience. Therefore, lighting is an important part of most parties. When hosting a party – whether it takes place in a marquee or a function room, the correct lighting will be an important part of creating just the right ambience. has a wide assortment of lighting for both outdoor and indoor use. It means that when you are going to host a party in a marquee in your garden, you can choose from a series of beautiful lights which can be a significant part of the ambience inside the marquee and outside when in the garden.  
Lighting with LED technology saves power  
Lighting can be many different things. Today, most of us care about the environment and energy consumption; so it is a good idea to go for the LED technology. This is the reason so many of the lighting products at are based on LED. LED lighting is an energy saving technology and you do not have to worry about the intensity of the light. You will not have to make any compromise when it comes to the intensity of light or the ambience in general. The large assortment of LED products means that you do not have to make any compromises when it comes to the lighting at the party. You will be able to turn on as much light as you want, creating that lovely ambience you like and without feeling guilty about the energy consumption.
Lighting with an abundance of colours
Among the many options for creating the right ambience are the beautiful LED cubes and LED balls, which are rechargeable and can be used both inside and outside. Here, you get an abundance of beautiful colours and exciting effects, which will provide you and your guests with a wonderful feeling when you experience the amazing lighting inside the marquee, in the garden or maybe around a lake orpool. A minor but important detail about the unique LED cubes and balls are that they do not need a cord during the party. You can place them exactly where you want without having tobother yourself with extension cords.     
Lighting in the shape of beautiful fairy lights  
Lighting in the shape of fairy lights creates an almost magical feeling – whether you mount them inside a marquee or put them on the table as part of the table decoration. has an extensive  assortment of the well-known Happylights, and at the same time, you can choose from many other fairy lights with options like  cotton balls that come in various beautiful colours  and almost with a guarantee of creating a pleasant a nice feeling – for both everyday use and when having a party or event.  
Lighting for dancing and other events   
Lighting will create a cosy feeling and ambience – and when you want to dance, the lighting on the dance floor needs to be something special in order to get the right feeling you are familiar with from the discotheque or club. That is why offers the classic lighting that will provide you with the ultimate party feeling on the dance floor – disco light. You can have the entire set of coloured disco light organs, strobe light, smoke machine and the classic disco ball incl. spotlights that will reflect the light around the marquee or the function room. It will be a blast of a party! All you need to do is find the right music for the occasion so you can party until the early hours.

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