Rope lights

Rope lights for great ambience indoor and outdoor

Rope lights are elegant and sturdy fairy lights, which are perfect for creating a special feeling inside as well as outside. With the long and sturdy fairy lights, you can make many beautiful decorations for parties throughout the year as well as for Christmas. The rope lights from provide you with 25 m or 50 m transparent PVC tubes with 36 LEDs pr. meter. This will give you a spectacular decoration anywhere – coiled around the trees outside, fixed around windows and doors, along with a flowerbed or anywhere you can enjoy strings of bright light. The beautiful LED light chain has 3 different light functions - flash, fade, and of course the possibility to keep the lights steady so you simply can enjoy the light without any effects. Choose from the colours warm white, cool white, red and blue.

Rope lights for the marquee, the function room, and the garden

With a rope light, you get plenty of lights for beautiful decorations indoor or outdoor - and with the many meters of rope light, you can make your marquee or function room shine like a diamond. Coil the rope light along the frame of your marquee and you will have a great effect. The rope light will create an amazing ambience no matter where you use it – and opposed to normal fairy light, which is much shorter, you can have a great effect covering a much larger area.

Rope lights and many other kinds of fairy lights

At, you can find a wide selection of rope lights and other types of light chains and fairy lights of various lengths and colours! Whatever your occasion, you will undoubtedly find a brilliant light to match it amongst our selection. We have lights for every occasion whether indoor or outdoor, for parties, for decorating your party marquee, and for lighting up your home for Christmas. Whether you like sparkling lights in multiple colours with multiple functions or if you prefer a more traditional white light ... we have it all right here.