Red carpet runners with print

Red carpet runners with print will make your event much more VIP

We have all seen the iconic red carpet runners at important events all around the world. Most of us have watched the rich and famous walking down the red carpet runners at premieres, concerts, award shows and more. Most of us have – to be honest – watched this on television. Rather few people have experienced being a VIP themselves and tried to walk down a red carpet runner at important events. Now offers you the opportunity to make your guests feel a little more like a VIP. We offer you various red carpet runners and red carpet runners with print so you can personalise the event even more by having your logo, the name of the event, or maybe the name of the bridal couple printed on the red carpet runner.

Red carpet runners with print for numerous places and events

Having an elegant red carpet runner with print will make your guests and customers feel welcome. Make them feel welcome to all sorts of events and on a daily basis at hotels, banks, restaurants, malls, museums, cinemas, theatres, and galleries. At private parties, the red carpet runner with print will work wonders too, whether the event takes place in a function room or a beautiful marquee! Rolling out a red carpet runner with your design printed on it will impress your guests without a doubt. At professional events like fairs and product launches, you can easily create positive attention by having an elegant red carpet runner with your company logo or product name printed on it. Please note: You can also put two or more runners together and make an elegant carpet with print.

Red carpet runner with print as a part of Total Party Solutions

Even though a red carpet with print can be spectacular, it does not make up an entire party or event on its own. For all the other equipment you need for your upcoming party or event, please visit Here we offer you all the things you need such as marquees, gazebos, FleXtents® pop-up gazebos, red carpet runners with print or without, flooring and beautiful LED-lights with different colours and effects for indoor and outdoor use. You can also find some more basic products like disposable tableware: plates, glass, cups, cutlery, tablecloths, napkins, and beautiful and festive garlands and flags. You can even have real showstoppers like popcorn machines, a popcorn cart, a slush ice machine or a colourful bouncing castle! Have a great party!