FleXtents sidewalls

Many different sidewalls for your FleXtents® pop up gazebo

We offer you a wide selection of different sidewalls for your FleXtents® pop-up gazebo. You can choose from a great variety of different sidewalls with different design, colour and size. Apart from the sidewalls you get as part of your FleXtents® gazebo, you can buy one or more additional sidewall kits in all kinds of designs. With extra sidewall kits, you can use your gazebo for many different purposes – for events like fairs and markets, for parties and for relaxation in the garden. With just one FleXtents® frame, you can have several different pop-up gazebos for various purposes. Use the elegant white sidewalls with large Georgian style windows for social gatherings, red and white striped sidewalls for your market stand and maybe a sidewall kit in bright red for an event in the sports club. No matter the purpose, your FleXtents® pop-up gazebo will work beautifully as a shelter or stand for all kinds of events.

Sidewalls for your existing FleXtents® pop up gazebo

When purchasing a new FleXtents® pop up gazebo, you will choose the colour, size and design, you want here and now. After a while, you may need the gazebo for another purpose, and then a new set of sidewalls kit will come in handy. You can think ahead and buy another sidewall kit together with your new pop up gazebo. Then you have two different gazebos with just one frame – for different purposes – or just for the sake of having something different to look at from time to time. The frame will fit all the different colours and designs, so buy one frame and several different covers – roof covers and sidewalls - and save a lot of money.

FleXtents® pop up gazebos in over 1.600 combinations

Our FleXtents® pop up gazebos come in over 1.600 different combinations counting the many colours, sizes, and designs. Add to this the infinite options you get with digital print. We offer you a complete package with a FleXtents® pop up gazebo with your individual designed printed on it. The many combinations is due to the number of different sidewalls – in various colours, patterns and functions. Furthermore, we offer you a wide selection of accessories, which you can use for re-designing your FleXtents. The various accessories is also perfect for changing your gazebo when you want another colour and more. We deliver your new FleXtents® pop-up gazebo in a sturdy, practical transport bag, which makes it easy to transport and store the gazebo. Some of the other accessories are sidewalls, roof covers, Safety Packs, ground bars, flooring, curtains, overhang, weight discs, and sandbags. You can have rain gutters and connector brackets for combining two or more gazebos when you need more room than just one gazebo can offer. This way you can always make room enough for all the guests.