Event chairs

Event chairs for professionals and private customers

Flextents.com offers a large variety of elegant event chairs in high-quality materials. The chairs are for most kinds of professional events as well as private parties. Choose from a wide range of classic stacking chairs with and without armrests, LED chairs with built-in light effects, and inflatable armchairs in the well-known Chesterfield-look. You can also have the modern, innovative Flux pop-up chairs and more. All the elegant event chairs will create a great effect at any event. The event chairs from Flextents.com are all in high quality, lightweight materials; they are both durable and maintenance free. No matter if you are having a professional event like a fair or a seminar, or you want to celebrate an important event within the family, our elegant event will be perfect. The various event chairs are beautiful to look at, and at the same time, they offer a fantastic sitting comfort. The event chairs are lightweight and thus easy to handle. Most of the chairs are stackable and easy to store, transport and move in general.

Event chairs for all kinds of events

Flextents.com offers a great number of all kinds of chairs for professional events and private parties. Among the many different types of chairs, we offer elegant event chairs for important events where the look of the event chairs also plays a part. Our event chairs in many different colours can help you create a beautiful room in general, a romantic room for the wedding, or a professional look for meetings, seminars, or maybe workshops. We offer event chairs in many different materials, colours and designs. You can have the perfect chairs for the romantic wedding, the professional event, and for the summer party in a beautiful marquee. Our various event chairs are not only beautiful to look at - they offer a great sitting comfort. With our event chairs, your guests can sit comfortably during the party or the event.

Event chairs in many different shapes and colours

Flextents.com is one of the major suppliers of event equipment in Europe. We offer a wide selection of all kinds of event products including our sturdy, comfortable, and elegant event chairs. We deliver event chairs and other equipment for professionals as well as private customers. You can have a series of classic stackable chairs with or without armrests, and you can have LED chairs with built-in light and great effects. We also offer the innovative Flux foldable pop-up chairs and the unique, inflatable armchairs in classic Chesterfield-look. The various event chairs come in classic white, black, daring red, clear, or the more subdued black or grey. In other words, we offer you event chairs in every colour and design for every event imaginable.