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When arranging birthday parties or some other kind of event for children, it can be a great idea to include a bouncy castle or bouncy cushion. These colourful activities offer hours of fun for children of all ages. Our high-quality bouncy castles are designed for private customers, and they meet all relevant safety requirements. The bouncy castle is easy to transport and can be inflated and deflated in no time with the included air pump. The transportation is also manageable with the included carry bag. You just need a plane surface, and you are ready to put up one of our wonderful bouncy castles so the kids can have hours of fun. Another fun solution is our bouncy cushion. The bouncy cushions have been designed to meet the safety standards for commercial use – so this is an obvious choice for all rental companies to include in the selection. Having one or more bouncy cushions for rental, you can offer your customers a fun activity for children together with all the other equipment like marquees, tables, chairs and more. Allow us to mention that we also deliver all these party accessories in sturdy rental quality.

Hours of outdoor fun for children

Our bouncy castles and bouncy cushions provide hours of outdoor fun for children. The large bouncy cushions are incredibly popular at children’s birthday parties and perfect for institutions, sports clubs and campsites. Bouncy cushions are also extremely popular at fairs and markets. Our bouncy cushions are easy to transport and quick to inflate and deflate. You simply plug in the air pump and start to inflate the cushion. The bouncy castle and the bouncy cushion do not require very much space – but you do have to be sure that you place the fun activity on a plane surface without any sharp edges! Now you can have hours of bouncy fun for the children ready in no time!