Heaters will make your guests feel comfortable at the party
Heaters are flexible and effective devices, which can be used for both private parties and professional events. Are you hosting a party or some other kind of event in a marquee? It will always be a good idea to have a heater ready when it gets chilly in the evening or early night. You can either choose to heat the marquee before the party if the weather is a bit cool or you can have one or more heaters standing by when the evening is progressing, and becomes more chill. No matter where you host a party, it can easily get a little chilly at some point and then you can save the party and the good feeling if you have an efficient heater standing by.
Heaters for electricity
Heaters make heat of course, and a very common heater are the one you can plug in. Flextents.com has a wide assortment of electrical heaters as they are perect for heating up marquees – you just place the heaters in the marquee and you can make sure your guests are comfortable all night. The size and number of electric fan heaters you need for your marquee depends on how high a temperature you prefer – and the temperature outside the marquee. Please remember that a marquee filled with people often tend to get warm due to the heat from the guests. Another thing you need to consider is whether the tent door is kept open during the event. Generally, Flextents.com recommends one fan heater for tents with an area up to 75 m² and two heaters for tents larger than 80 m². Place the fan heater opposite the entrance, or if you need two, one at each end of the marquee.
Heaters in many sizes and for various purposes
Heaters can be used for heating in many different connections, for example at parties and during construction projects where you may have to do without regular heating. Flextents.com has a series of various heaters, which can be used for different purposes depending on the size of the area needed to be heated. Flextents.com both have a range of smaller heaters and some larger heaters for semi-professional use.