Sack Trucks

Sack trucks can help you move things a lot easier

Sack trucks are easy to use and store, and they can help you move even heavy objects that otherwise would take more than one person to move. With a sack truck, you can more or less move everything you need to move when you throw a party, move to a new home or want to move one or more objects – big or small - from one place to another. Private customers and professionals alike use our sturdy sack trucks for all kinds of transport. The classic and foldable sack trucks are perfect for most jobs – for private customers in need of sturdy help to move things around the house when they, e.g. build things at home or repair things for themselves or others. The light and strong sack trucks are easy to operate: you fold out the ramp and in some cases the wheels and the handles too and you are ready to go!

Sack trucks are low-tech, easy to use and efficient

Sack trucks are easy to use and take up very little room when not in use. When you have folded the sack truck, it is easy to bring it more or less everywhere you need the practical device. When you need to store it, it will fit nicely in most sheds, storage rooms, or basements. Our sack trucks have a soft rubber padding to provide you with a firm and secure grip when using the sack truck. The sturdy sack trucks are light, strong, and flexible - and they will make many things easier when you want to move something from one place to another – and maybe back again.

Sack trucks for moving tables and chairs is a leading supplier of party and event furniture and more for most of Europe. If you need to handle many folding tables and folding chairs for various events, we offer special table and chair trolleys and roll containers, which you can use for both transporting and storing many tables and chairs together. Do you need to move a little fewer things in connection with parties and fairs and more, a sack truck will do the trick every time.