Electric Fans

Electric fans will make a huge difference at most events 

Electric fans are flexible, effective, and easy to use at all kinds of events – at private parties as well as professional events inside a marquee or similar places without enough permanent heating. When you arrange a party or some other event inside a marquee, always be sure to have an electric fan ready as it often gets a little chilly at some point during the evening. Furthermore, if the weather is not as warm as one would like to start with, heat up the marquee before the party using your electric fan. Keep the electric fan nearby and be ready to start it up when the temperature drops again at some point. Having an electric fan ready means that no one should feel cold or uncomfortable because of the temperature. On the other hand, if it gets too hot inside the marquee or functioning room, just let the electric fan run without turning on the heat and the air will circulate and feel fresher and cooler. 

Electric fans – it does not get any easier than that

As the name implies, you simply plug in the electric fan and you start heating up the room or the marquee. We offer some very compact and efficient electric fans so you can be sure that your guests are comfortable all evening and well into the night for that matter. The number of electric fans you need for your marquee depends on three things – the size of your marquee, the required temperature inside the marquee and the temperature outside the marquee. Always bear in mind that a marquee – almost despite the size – often gets warm and humid when filled with people. Apart from opening up the doors and maybe even sidewalls of the marquee, you can use the electric fan to cool down the room – or to circulate the air at least. We recommend one electric fan for tents with an area up to 60-70 m² and two electric fans for marquees larger than 70 m². If the temperature outside is a bit low, it can be a good idea to have two electric fans even if you only have a marquee measuring 30-40 m². Always place the electric fan opposite the main entrance, or if you use two fans, one at each end of the marquee.

Electric fans for many situations and events 

Electric fans can be used for heating marquees and other kinds of rooms at various events and more. The efficient electric fans can also make a difference when you redecorate your home and the heating is out for a while. The electric fan is also popular when you need to heat up a garage, workshop, cellar, summer house, warehouse, and more. We even have a special electric fan made especially for greenhouses and orangeries. Keep the temperature even when it is getting cold outside and your plants must be kept at a minimum temperature without sub-zero degrees – or when you want to spend some time outside in the greenhouse and the weather is getting a little cold. All the electric fans can be adjusted so they blow at various angles to make the most of the warm air or when you just want a better circulation.

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