Floor Lamps

Floor lamps create a great look and feel

Floor lamps from Flextents.com include everything from our small LED party lights called Fairy Berries up to our exclusive floor lamps and planters with a built-in light. Furthermore, we offer a series of LED balls and cubes as well as LED furniture, which will create an almost magical ambience with their multi-coloured light. Finally, we have some exclusive light decorations that you can use indoor or outdoor as you please. No matter where you put the elegant light sculptures, you will get a wonderful effect – a combination of a light source and a sculpture.

Floor lamps for everyday use and special events

Floor lamps are meant as a permanent light source in your home or at the office. So are the large, minimalistic planters with a built-in light. The planters can also be placed both inside and outside, and they will light up the surroundings as well as being a spectacular flowerpot. You can have all the normal plants in these planters, as they will work as an ordinary planter. We also have some classic floor lamps – a metal floor lamp with white polythene shade and our organic floor lights from our brand CosyLightStyle®. Add to our selection of floor lamps our LED furniture, which create a special look wherever you put it. The furniture includes tables, chairs, balls, and cubes, which will add ambience anywhere. The furniture is rechargeable so you can use it without any cord during events and more.