Display systems

Display and branding make a huge difference

Display and branding include various professional products, which you can use to promote your company by creating positive attention at fairs and many other kinds of events. You can call it advertising, promotion or branding, no matter the term, we offer you a series of high-quality branding products for professionals. The products are perfect for creating results for your company – or for the company or companies you work for. Our display and branding products will help you creating positive attention and recognition at fairs, markets, in the showroom, or in the street or inside the shop.

Display and branding products for the professionals

Display and branding products are one of the major categories at Flextents.com. Over the years, we have developed a strong selection of products where it is possible for you to have your logo and more digitally printed so that you can have unique advertising ‘pillars’ for numerous purposes. With our display and branding products with printing, you can rest assured that your message will be seen everywhere you put up the various products. You can have products like feather flags, pop-up banners, roller banners, and our elegant FleXtents® pop-up gazebos. We offer to decorate the strong and light pop up gazebos with everything from your logo to full digital print, where the entire cover of the gazebo is decorated. You can use photos, illustrations, text or logos when decorating a FleXtents® pop-up gazebo!

Display and branding products with personal service

Display and branding cover a huge area of different products and disciplines. Sometimes it may be a bit overwhelming to choose just the right gear for a fair or similar. Do you want help selecting the right products for your promotion and branding? Please contact our Xperts at Flextents.com. They can tell you just how easy it is to get your logo and more printed on our display and branding products.

Display and branding products and much more

Display and branding products include many different products but are you participating in a fair or another kind of event, you need a little more to make your stand inviting. Visit Flextents.com and see all the products for the event. Select from a large selection of professional tables, chairs, counters, inflatable sofas, LED lighting, and LED furniture!