Popcorn machines

A popcorn machine as the perfect showstopper

Having a popcorn machine for the party or another kind of events is always a great success. We offer a classic popcorn machine that looks like the one we used to see at carnivals and fairs – and still see today. The large shiny machine can produce all the popcorn you can eat and attract a positive attention while doing so. The specialised popcorn machine in spectacular red and silver has a built-in pot for popping the most wonderful popcorn, which is an indispensable part of any party – especially for kids and young people. A popcorn machine will also be a popular bit at a party for adults as a snack at some point during a festive evening or event.

Popcorn machine in high quality and with a cart

The inside of our popcorn machine is made of aluminium and the outside of stainless steel. The built-in boiler system and heating tubes are designed especially for making fresh and delicious popcorn and will provide you with an abundance of tasty popcorn. By having the cart for the popcorn machine, you can make an impression on your guests, and at the same time, you can easily move the popcorn machine from one place to the other.

Popcorn machine and other gadgets for parties and events

At flextents.com, you can find our beautiful and fun popcorn machine and the matching cart. Buy the two together and get the full experience from the fun fairs we love or just the machine for freshly popped popcorn at any event. We also offer Slush Ice machines, bouncy castles, and bouncy cushions, which will provide hours of fun for kids at any event.