Flooring makes a huge difference  

Flooring is an important part of any room both in permanent structures and in marquees and shelters. At Flextents.com, we have a large assortment of high quality flooring for both private events and professional use. When having a party or event in a marquee many times one chooses not to bother with flooring as parties in marquees usually is a single day event only. That is often a mistake. Having a flooring solution in your marquee will add a feeling of stability and a little luxury compared to a marquee with grass or patio flagstones as floor.

Flooring for professional use

When it comes to storage shelters, a flooring solution will also make a huge difference. Both when it comes to storing materials and working inside the storage shelters. For professional use, Flextents.com has flooring that will endure both cold and heat and pressure up to 90 t/m2. If less can do it, normal party flooring will also be perfect for your marquee when celebrating an important event within the family or with friends and colleagues.   

Flooring gives you the feeling of stability

Flooring inside a marquee will complete the feeling of elegance and a little luxury when you are having a party or event inside a marquee. Flextents.com has several different types of flooring. All types of flooring are made of squares that are easy to assemble with an easy click-it system. The squares will provide you with sturdy and stable flooring once assembled. Remember that you will have to buy a number of smaller pieces in order to add corners and edges to your flooring so it will be easier to drive or walk onto the flooring.